My upbringing and healthy roots

I was born February 25, 1967  into a Chiropractic health minded family in Princeton, New Jersey.  I was raised a vegetarian and lived that way as an adult. This diet along with being active, high energy, happy person has kept me fit.

I’m very passionate about a healthy lifestyle because its about how I live and how I enjoy my life.  Somehow I ended up in what I call ‘the look good business’ jobs.  Modeling, flight attendant, promotions, marketing and entertainment all kept me conscious of how i looked and my health.

Staying fit and having energy were what Ineeded to be successful throughout my life so i just incorporated the things i needed to do to stay healthy.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, water, exercise, sleep, you know all the things were supposed to do.

When I was little and got sick my mom gave me garlic and honey on a spoon instead of cold medicine.  For an ear infection she grated up an onion and took the onion juice and used a cotton ball to drip a little juice in my ear.  I really don’t remember getting sick and if Idid i just drank water, rested, had some herbal tea, and some juice and couple days later always felt better.

I would eat very light or only have fluids in the beginning to allow my body to clean up and get better.  The only time I really get a cold is when I’m stressed out and rundown,  so I do my best to let stuff go and handle the things I can and trust the universe to handle the rest.

My mom would go outside and pick dandelion greens from the yard and ‘whiz’ them up in the blender and mix some pineapple juice with it to make it taste better,  so i guess you could say my mom taught me how to take preventative measures to be healthy.

We got sweets only a little bit when I was a kid and now as an adult I eat them as celebration and for special occasions.  I love spicy food it makes me feel good, but thats just me so I realize everyone has their own favorites.  I am not on any medication I only take antibiotics if I have a surgery or injury which is prescribed by the Doctor.

I  was raised in a faith based family.  I believe in God and I like to call it the universe and as much as I like to run the show.  I do my best to turn it over to God and have faith that the world is way bigger then me and that all of us living here are connected.  I love with all my heart and sometimes my emotions, which I thought were my weakness, but I have followed my heart all my life Sometimes I  say my life doesn’t make sense on paper but thats ok I just keep following my heart and trust the universe.