Why I need an accountability partner

If you are anything like me I am always doing something and I love to have an adventurous life.  My life has never been super scheduled, so to stay consistent with taking care of myself it is very easy to get side tracked and do something else.

Lets be honest to eat right, move your body, have positive thoughts, drink enough water, and get the proper amount of rest it takes some planning and it takes time.  Is it worth it?  Yes. Yes. Yes. 1000%.

Why  put this extra effort in to have good health, a happy life, and a fit body.  Well if you think about it your body is where you live, I know that sounds funny, but think about that for a minute or two.  What do you want your home to be like?  Is it a comfortable place free of aches and pains?  Is it a pretty place?  Is it a happy place? Just like your bank account when you make enough deposits you have a surplus of money in your account and if you keep making withdraws you wind up broke.  The same thing happens with your body, enough good choices you get good healthy and a healthy body.  Too many bad choices you wind up with a broken down body with pain and disease.  Most diseases are lifestyle diseases that means how you live and how you take care of yourself.  Food is fuel to make your body work properly.  Moving your body is to make it so it works properly .  Working out release endorphins to make you feel good, and strange enough it actually gives you more energy.  How can that be?  Well when everything is working properly your body doesn’t have to work so hard to function.  Sometimes the body has to take from one part to compensate for another part.  Example if you are stressed out all the time and your eating foods that are acidic all the time your body has to keep a certain ph level to stay alive.  Your body will actually take calcium from your bones if it has to just to bring that ph level back to where it needs to be this over long periods of time is one of the causes of osteoporosis.   Sounds crazy well the body is an amazing system that works together to keep you alive and you have the choice if you want to survive or to thrive.  What do you choose?  You can look this up and see just how your body works, there are many scientist and doctors who explain it with all the research facts and figures.  I am a health coach I am here to inspire you to look at your body with a holistic approach, which means each part works together for the benefit and function of the whole.  The whole body is made up of many systems that must work together to give you the best health and function.

So why have an accountability partner?   Well left to my own devises I am human and its easier in the short run to take the easy way out and do the least I can to have my body function.  Is that thriving?  No.

I love it when my body looks good and feels good.  The work is worth it and if you don’t believe me try it out for yourself.  If you don’t know where to start find someone who has more experience or a professional to help you.  If you know what to do and are doing a pretty good job, take on that person who needs help and doesn’t know as much as you for an accountability partner.  This will keep you motivated because you know they need you and you really need them too, because its easy to hit the cruise button.  Pick someone you care about and have fun with, it makes living a healthy life sooooo much better and you will it will help you stick with it.  They say if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go as a group.  I don’t know what the exact quote is, but i think you can understand that the bottom line is we need each other.  One of the fundamental core human needs is to be loved and the other is to belong.  Find your tribe that matches your vibe.  This applies to everything in your life.  Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy finances, healthy relationships etc. You may need to declutter your life of certain people or things, but that makes room for all the new great stuff in your life.   Another benefit of an accountability partner is coming up with systems that work the best for both of you or your group.  You know what they say two heads are better than one.  I didn’t make any of this up I look to the people who went before me that are achieving the things i want in my life.    Success leaves clues.  Look for the clues.   Most of all have Fun…..

Melanie Gerath Certified Health Coach

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  1. Melanie
    You are an inspiration and I will be following your blog. I too try my best to eat well, exercise daily, drink lots of water and get plenty of (beauty) rest. Let’s chat soon!


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